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Hello and welcome to the home of Vengeful Pride, hope you enjoy your little visit and make the decision to come and stay with us! But before you apply I'm sure you want to know a little about us and our origins.

Vengeful Pride is a new guild with great aspirations, formed during the first week of ToS... we started out as a small group of friends who broke away from our old guild, with the idea of creating a guild able to maintain progression, satisfaction and enjoyment. We aim to achieve this with a small; yet solid; mythic raiding team but also creating a chilled environment where community and friendships can thrive. Following the simple value: The happiness of our members comes before all else - has created a guild of tight-nit, dedicated players (from Raiders to Socials) where we consider one another as family. So far we have reached 8/9Hc and are clearing up K.J whilst preparing for Mythic.

In order to preserve this atmosphere we are looking for like-minded individuals ready to jump right in and get involved in the guild, beyond raiding. Vengeful Pride offers so much more: from weekly RBG's, Fun events, Mythic+ groups, all the way to simple late night meet-ups in Dala (some of the best nights ;)

For those looking to join our Raid team... We are currently recruiting in preparation for mythic progression and ask for:
- Prior mythic raiding exp - 915ilvl and a minimum of 52 traits
Yet, those not meeting all criteria will still be considered under certain situations. Our Raiding Schedule is 3 nights a week (Wed/Sun/Tue - 20:00-23:00) with an optional old-content clear day on Fridays.

Socials/Mythic+/PvP applications are encouraged and should state at the end of the application that they are looking to join as this rank, and we look forward to meeting you.
pubwelo / Jul 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to the Guild's website, Myself and the Officer team thought it was about time to take recruiting a little more seriously and add the social benefit of a forum so you guys can keep up to date of all new in game news and changes!

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